Astrid Schrage, Born 1989, Groningen. Artist and art teacher from the Netherlands. Currently living and working in Bussum and Almere. 

In art I express my feelings and connect with myself. My artworks are a personal process of awareness and discovery of who I am, who we human beings are and how we exist. In my paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures and videos I give my personal experiences, thoughts and memories a place to belong.  Where personal stories touch the collective. My inspiration can come from anywhere; from my environment, experiences, memories and subconscious. 

In my work I experiment with structures, colors and materials. Layers of paint create their own stories, the dynamics between control of the paint and the looseness of the material I find extremely interesting and also symbolic for the art of living itself.

Recurring themes are my own inner processes, obsessions with skin, human body, transformation, consciousness, the sea and nature. I use various materials: oil and acrylic paint, epoxy, pastel and oil chalk, charcoal, clay and objects.  

Exhibitons and other

2018                     Mural Sint Peters, Sint Maarten

2015                     Perfect Imperfections, Nijmegen

2014                     Nomination George Verberg Stipendium

2014                     Lustrum book, series of prints, Hanze Hogeschool Groningen

2014                     Zomer Expo, Aarde

2013                     De absurde wereld van Danil Charms, Time Shift Festival, Groningen

2013                     Beeldend Aktief Sneek, BAS

2012                     Buiten Bergen, CBK, Bergen

2012                     Winner Klaas Dijkstra Academy Prize, Academie Minerva, Groningen

2012                     Final Exhibition, Academy Minerva, Groningen

2011                     De eenzaamheid van de Rinoceros, KiK, Kolderveen

2011                     Hunter College, Open Studio’s, New York